Born 1967 in Bakersfield, California. Live and works in Brooklyn, New York



2012 “Dawson’s Field”, Dumbo Arts Festival, Superfine, Brooklyn, New York

2010 “The Voice The Arms Itself To Be Heard” Dash Gallery New York, New York

2004 “Six Feet Under: Make Nice” White Box New York, New York

2004 “Elect a Madman You Get Madness” Stay Gold Gallery/Art Space Brooklyn, New York

2001 “red black blue green yellow dirty”, 5+5 Gallery Brooklyn, New York



2017  "Commonwealth: Water For All", Queens Museum, Queens, New York

2017  "The Design of Dissent", Non-Breaking Space, Seattle, Washington

2016 "Acts of Sedition" White Box, New York, New York

2016 "Decolonize This Museum - Anti-Columbas Day Tour", American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York

2016 "Decolonize This Place", Artists Space, New York, New York

2016 "NYC Stands With Standing Rock - Action", Washington Square Park, New York, New York

2016 "Prince and Other Departed Legends", Civilian Art Projects, Washington D.C.

2016 "CrossLines: A Culture Lab on Intersectionality", Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building, Washington DC

2016 "Decolonize This Place" Decolonial Cultural Front, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York

2016 "#makeamericagreatagain" White Box, New York, New York

2015 "May Day Occupation" Global Ultra Luxury Faction (GULF), Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York

2015 "Respond" Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, New York

2013 “Who’s Chelsea Manning?” Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, New York

2013 “Got the Message? Fifty years of political posters”, Art Gallery of Ballarat, Ballarat, Australia

2012 “Cultural Transference”, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, New York

2011 “This is What Democracy Looks Like” NYU Gallatin Galleries, New York, New York

2010 “Art Is” Dash Gallery, New York, New York

2008 “Party Headquarters: Voting is Just the Beginning” Pratt Manhattan Gallery New York, New York

2008 “Ides Of March: Collaboratives and Collectives” ABC No Rio New York, New York

2007 “Alumni Show” Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

2007 “Propaganda 3” START SOMA Gallery San Francisco, California

2006 “What War?” White Box, New York, New York

2006 “War and Peace” Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, New York. Traveled to The Brecht Forum New York, New York

2006 “In The Pride!” Gloria Kennedy Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

2005 “Propaganda 2.0: “They Hate Our Freedom”” Blue Cube San Francisco, California. Traveled to Project Los Angeles, California

2005 “America vs. America” Gallery KlinkogBang Reykjavik, Iceland. Traveled to 300m3 Art Space Göteborg, Sweden

2004 “For The People” Crucible Steel Gallery San Francisco, California

2004 “Whatever It May Be...” Track 16 Santa Monica, California

2004 “Partisan Project” Space Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (cataloged)

2004 “Death to the Fascist Insect That Preys on the Life of the People” Gallery 800 Brooklyn, New York

2004-5 “ Paper Politics” In These Times, Chicago, Illinois. Traveled to Phinney Center Gallery Seattle, Washington (cataloged)

2004-8 “ Yo! What Happened to Peace?” Ogilvy & Mather, New York, New York, Transport Gallery Los Angeles, California. Traveled to Punch

Gallery San Francisco, California, Zeitgeist Gallery Cambridge, Massachusetts, Stay Gold Gallery/Art Space Brooklyn, New York, Studio,

Fly Charleston, South Carolina, Provisions Library Washington, DC, Parco Museum Tokyo, Japan, Leoncavallo Milan, Italy, The Binary

Mine Chicago, Illinois, House of Love and Dissent Rome, Italy (cataloged)

2003 “Times of War/Signs of Peace” Gallery 1199, New York, New York

2002 “Fundawear” Center for Contemporary Art Sacramento, California



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Decolonize This Place, Artists Space, 2016



1992 BFA in Painting at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York